The Next Generation of
Direct-Sold Campaign 
(without the spreadsheets!)

Take your operations out of spreadsheets and into a collaborative workflow tool
designed for digital advertising data.

In a recent industry survey, 88% of respondents admitted they do not have the time to prioritize troubleshooting and optimization and 73% stated that they don’t have the right data to quickly prioritize their tasks. FLOW was designed by industry experts around data best practices form insights gleaned from over a decade of working with media companies to address these common campaign management and workflow issues.

In this 30 minute webinar we will explore:

  • The impacts of inefficient processes & internal data silos 
  • Why a tool tailored to media analytics will boost your productivity
  • How FLOW allows for quick prioritization and action on issues
  • Features for both proactive and reactive management of tasks

Dan Lawton


Ad-Juster, Inc.

April Kitcho-Lucero

Director, Product UX & Marketing

Ad-Juster, Inc.

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